domingo, 22 de junho de 2008

Latest conversation with Mr. Daniel Jones

me: hi!
Are you still trying to ship my order?
Daniel: hello
Yes, your merchandise is ready for shipment but we need to discuss
me: discuss what??
Daniel: Payment
me: What payment?
I already paid for my order...
Daniel: We explained to you before
me: So ship the merchandise I give me the
fedex number and I will pay you te rest of the money!
Daniel: Why are you being unreasonable?
me: because I paid for the merchandise about a month ago and until now I haven't
received anything yet...
Daniel: After all the threaths you made??
I was questioned by the Metropolitan Police for alleged fraud
I explained to them everything that happened and I won the case
They further told me not to
respond to you any more unless you pay for the demorage
me: The mail I sent to the Police returned to me because the address doesn't exist... Good try!!!
Daniel: I was contacted and called to answer the case.. Stop pretending. you set me up
me: But when I go to London
on June or July I will make a complain about you directly to the police office!!!!!
Then they will come after you!!!
Daniel: you are already wanted by the police
You are wanted
me: You watch too many movies!!!!

sexta-feira, 6 de junho de 2008

Report to the authorities

I was a victim of an internet fraud.

On May 26th Mr. Daniel Jones presented me with the deal of buying one
IPhone for the amount of 125£.

On the next day we agree with the business and I will have to make a
Money Gram transfer for the amount of 136£. (125£ for the phone plus
11£ for shipment expenses)

On May 28th I paid for the phone and informed Mr. Daniel Jones of the
reference number of the Money Gram transfer.

At that time I was on vacations on London. So I requested that the
phone should be delivered at the London address.

On May 30th after warning Mr. Daniel Jones that the phone hasn't
arrived at the specified address, he starts to ask me for more money
saying that the shipment was not going to start until I pay for two
more phones that he was obliged to ship due to weight restrictions.

Since that day I'm sending mails to Mr. Daniel Jones asking for my
phone or for the money that I've payed to him with no success. He then
asked for my Portuguese address and I gave him. Until now I don't have
any answer from him and I think this is a scam.

I send you all the mails that I've exchanged with Mr. Daniel Jones
hoping that you find a solution for my problem.

quinta-feira, 5 de junho de 2008

Last email from Mr. Daniel Jones asking for more money

Hello Joao,

Sorry for the late response.

We will be getting your order shipped first thing tomorrow morning and we will email you with the tracking details.

You will have to make payment for 2 units more after receiving the tracking # to avoid package being put on hold.

Pls get back ASAP.

Daniel Jones

Fraud / Scam

I was a scam victim of Mr. Daniel Jones.

I 've buyed an IPhone from this guy on 29th May and I still didn't receive the phone! And Mr. Daniel Jones is sending me mails telling me that I have to pay for another 2 more phones for the order to be sent by fedex!